Throwback Thursday – HRM Semjaka

This was our last PainBank episode from 2005-6 timeframe. We interviewed His Royal Majesty (at the time) Semjaka, King of Calontir.

It was enjoyable and we never intended to stop podcasting, but alas we did. Maybe one day we will get going again.


Throwback Thursday – Duke Eliahu – Sprezzartura

Throwback Thursday – Duke Eliahu

Sprezzartura is performing everything with grace, if I recall correctly.  Per the wikipedia article: “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”

This was a fantastic episode.  Hope you enjoy it all again.


Riddle of Steel V – A new Conan arises

I attended the AMCF recognized EMP event Riddle of Steel V this past weekend near Orlando, FL.  It was a blast and quite a bit of fun.  It is a fairly unique event, which are usually the best.  Here is my review, which I started on my trip home:


As I sit here thinking on this past weekend at the Riddle of Steel, I’m recalling a similar feeling to Spain and France in 2014 and 2013.  Something magical happened.  Prague was great as well, in it’s own way.  There was a explosion of emotions and release of dopamine.  The high that is created from such intense combat is an addictive thing.   The best part of it all is being around those who I have been able to share these experiences with.  I celebrated this past weekend with many friends, old and new.  It is a celebration of life and energy.  The expression of friendship and shared interest.

Love life and enjoy the moments you have, as they are fleeting.  Gone the next moment when the mundane bleak world returns to focus.  I love living a life in harness and the trials overcome.  I hope to continue to enjoy this for many more years to come, but should it pass too soon, I will know I have enjoyed every minute for what it was worth.  Time is precious, enjoy it, don’t waste it on the negatives in life.  If you don’t like something or you want to do something, then do it.  Change your stars.

I would thank first Michelle and Tinker for opening their home and hearth to all of us.  To the many folks that helped setup/tear down of the various stuff.  You rocked.  The cooks and those that helped prep the food, it was excellent all around.  To the marshals, who enabled the fighters to have fun and not worry so much about the other parts, your time is very, very appreciated.  To all the fighters I had a chance to throw down with and those I didn’t from far and wide, laugh in the face of your enemies, crush them, drive them before you…..  To all the little things that everyone else chipped in, from the music, to the dancing, to the awesome boats, and the rest, it you who makes this fun possible.  Finally to Alex Cooley, Baldar, I say thank you for being such a Conan nut.  The Riddles continue and only Crom knows who will answer.

All Hail Derek Gabreski the new Conan.



Throwback – Gulf Wars 2006 Event Report – Piss off!

WOW!  Gulf Wars XV, which also has some photo links from then as well.

Photo Credit to: THL Barbara Sterlings  In the pic, there are some classic folks, can you spot them?

It was a long time ago and dates our show.  This was a fun time and here is our report from that time.  Enjoy:


Site Update and Supporting the show!

Finally got around to updating the site.  Now there is a bit more navigation information on the side bar as well as finally showing the RSS feed again for those that want to subscribe via their favorite subscription service.  Also added a shopping system, so we now have a BotN USA Team Scarf for sale!  Please support the show and our adventures in medieval podcasting and fighting!

Throwback Interview with Sir Tristan von Eisig (Chermack) of Northshield

Throwback Thursday edition.  Here is an interview from back in the day, which was with an awesome teacher and martial artist.  At the time, he was just getting into Akido.  Enjoy!


Throwback to 2006 Val Day report!

This is an SCAevent held in Kalamazoo, MI in the winter.  It is generally a pretty good indoor melee event, but I think it was a Tournament of Chivalry this particular year with a bit of melee thrown in.  I do not recall what we talked about, but here you go.  A walk down memory lane!